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Do you need to know ballet to go to Dosney World audition?

So my sister and me can dance hip hop really well. we have danced it since we were practically babies, but that is the only dancing genre that we know. we don’t know how to dance ballet nor jazz. Are they any disney auditions were they only require you to do hip hop? i tried to look it up but they all said that you needed to know ballet. i really wanna be a dancer at disney, does anyone know if they sometimes only cast hip hop dancers? thank you in advance for your response

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    is Dosney World like Disney World?

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    The short answer is Yes. But you don’t need to dance ballet at the level of a professional ballet dancer. It is my understanding they do a ballet audition first then they cut. They want their dancers to have strong technique. The reason being that just doing hip hop limits what their choreographer can ask of you. Even Micheal Jackson took ballet classes. It is rare to find a professional dancer no matter the dance style that hasn’t taken ballet classes.

    If all you have done is hip hop you won’t make it past the ballet audition. I suggest you start taking some ballet classes if you want to stand a chance at these jobs in the future.

    If you want further proof of this, here is a blog about their auditions

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    Well, it depends on what they are looking for at the time of the audition and what roles they need to fill in the parks. It's not necessarily required to be trained in ballet, but I do have to say the more versatile you are as a dancer the better.

    Nonetheless, you should definitely go to the audition no matter what! Think about it? What have you got to lose?! The open calls are free and if they are interested they will call you back. And keep going back and auditioning each month because they are always casting different things. So, sometimes its about being in the right place at the right time.

    Also, if you are really interested in Disney I would recommend looking up the Disney College Program, where they can go to college and intern as a performer. It's a pretty cool program if that's what your into. :)

    Source(s): I've had multiple dance teachers perform at Disney Parks, and have attended many Disney Performing Arts Workshops. :)
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    If the information you looked up on it says that you need to know ballet, then you need to know ballet. Ballet is the foundation of almost every other dance style and it's where your technique comes from. You can always try to call or email them and ask if they hire dancers that only know hip hop, but chances are you would need to take ballet lessons first before auditioning.

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    They are going to want their dancers versatile. I would think the auditions will incorporate several kinds of dance. Musical theater, jazz, ballet, hip hop. You will find that many who are auditioning will have a ballet background.

    Besides talent. Enthusiasm is key. Extreme high energy. SMILE

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    They might.

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