Should I leave Nora?

So I met this girl at Latin dance club. Her smile makes me always smile. I like her and I feel she likes me as well. We hang and what not, but something is conflicting with me. Now I’m 27 and she is 22. I’m Independent and she is very very liberal. Basically I feel like her views on things are through the mind of someone younger. Like if it’s hot and new she is all over it despite whatever it is. It’s almost like being with a teenager. Idk if I should give it a chance or leave. She’s just a product of her generation of class

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  • 1 year ago
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    Well it is ultimately your choice. But just because someone has different political views doesn’t mean that you can’t be together. If she lights up your world with just one smile, and if you count back the very seconds until you can see her again, then she is the one for you

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  • 1 year ago

    At 27 you should know what to do.

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      But that is neither here or there. Listen a lot of people are finding love in the wrong places. Look at divorce rates and relationship problems. I'm trying to beat the cure by asking advice

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