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Was it the Nazis goal to eliminate all jews?

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    No, they tried to expel the Jews - first to Palestine, then to Madagascar, then to Poland. They just wanted the Jews out of Germany.

    The blame for so many deaths that have been defined as "the Holocaust" goes back to Britain.

    Britain made an agreement (McMahon Agreement) with the Arabs in 1915 if they would open a front against Turkey during WW1 which would have weakened the forces of the Ottoman Empire, allowing Britain the victory. But the end result didn't have the effect that Britain had hoped for and so they reneged on the deal.

    In 1917 the Zionists offered to bring the United States into the war on Britain's side in exchange for the rights to Palestine. Britain made the deal with them (the Balfour Declaration is Britain's written guarantee that they would abide by the deal) and signed Palestine over to them.

    This came to become a problem in WW2 when Hitler wanted to move all of the Jews to Palestine. Prior to the war, in a deal with the Zionists called the Haavara Agreement, he was able to move around 60,000 to Palestine between 1933 and 1939. Once the war started, Britain, through the British Mandate (which exercised legal control over the region) closed the doors to all Jewish immigration to Palestine.

    The reason for this was because of the wat Britain had cheated the Arabs - had they allowed mass immigration by the Jews that were represented by the Zionists it would have started yet another conflict. To avoid this, Britain closed Palestine to all Jewish immigration.

    This left the Jews to their fate in Germany. There was never a "Holocaust" as is claimed in the narrative of "exterminating the Jews" and the only hint of a gas chamber is the one "recreated" by the Soviets in Auschwitz. This case is interesting because after liberating the Polish camps, they refused admittance to the West for a while. They were both on the same side against Germany, but they denied them access.

    In all probability, this was to give them time to stage incriminating evidence against Germany. It can't be proven, but as long as the West ardently accepts the "evidence", they don't need to.

    The deaths of so many Jews were mostly from disease epidemics in the crowded conditions of the prison camps. People don't want to include this as one of the causes (the main cause) because it takes away from the prominence of the gas chamber claims and thus lessens the sympathy that is generated - sympathy is like oxygen to the Zionists. They feed off of it. As can be seen in a letter from the Jews themselves (below).

    The majority of the deaths came in the final months of the war when, after the Allies destroyed Germany's infrastructure, food and medical supplies were unable to reach the camps to help the Jews. This is where the emaciated bodies came from that were found when the camps were liberated which have been claimed to be an intentional starvation program by the Nazis.

    "We implore and beseech our Jewish brethren to realize that the Zionists are not the saviors of the Jewish People and guarantors of their safety, but rather the instigators and original cause of Jewish suffering in the Holy Land and worldwide. The idea that Zionism and the State of "Israel" is the protector of Jews is probably the greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the Jewish people... It has been the age-old intention of Zionism to intentionally stir up anti-semitism anywhere possible, and even more commonly, to take advantage of any Jewish suffering anywhere in order to enhance its cause. Indeed, hatred of Jews and Jewish suffering is the oxygen of the Zionist movement, and from the very beginning has been used to deliberately incite hatred of the Jew and then, in feigned horror, used to justify the existence of the Zionist state. This is, of course, Machiavellianism raised to the highest degree." - Jews Against Zionism

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    Yes. They blamed the Jews for the economic problems in Europe since many Jews are wealthy enough.

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    Yes at the Wannsee meeting they estimated 11 million Jews in Europe all set for T4

    Operation Heidrich was to find the best way to execute Jews

    These sites were used to test the best way of exterminating People and Zyclon B was chosen as the best all from their own Mouths and Documentation and those that refuse to believe need Psychiatric help or are Closet Nazis it was called Operation Reinhard the designer of the Final solution

    Bełżec 600,000 deaths

    Sobibór 250,000 deaths

    Treblinka 900,000 deaths

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    yes - and the answer you picked is just stupid

    It basically claims -

    it was somebody elses fault cos they wouldnt allow germany to do what they wanted with then - so their only option was to murder them

    (thats like me walking into a banks and demanding the manger give me all the money in the safe - When he refuses I shoot one of the customers dead THEN me blaming manager for their death cos he didnt do what I wanted

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    Yes, and the Nazis set about doing so in every country the Nazis occupied, as a priority.

    The answer from contributor “Midnight Run” (who has blocked me as he is unable to cope with internationally-accepted history with objective-sources), represents a neo-Nazi revisionist version of “history”.

    The reader should also be aware contributor “Midnight Run” is motivated by anti-Semitism, as shown by the following example.

    Quoting contributor “Midnight Run”: “Learn to read, buttcrack - “They use antisemitism to exploit sympathy...” was pertaining to the Zionists, NOT the Jews. Like the rest of your denying breed, you have to alter my stetements [sic] in an attempt to derail my train.”

    The reader can view a screen-capture of the latter anti-Semitic comment by contributor “Midnight Run” (posted to a different question), by downloading the following pdf:

    Contributor Midnight Run wrote:

    “They [the Nazis] just wanted the Jews out of Germany. ... Hitler wanted to move all of the Jews to Palestine ... Haavara Agreement”

    My response:

    When the Nazis first came to power they used Jews as hostages to obtain cash (1933), but later as the Nazis invaded much of Europe (1939 onwards) many millions of Jews came under Nazi control, who developed their policy of genocide against the Jews as: “the final solution of the Jewish Question”:

    Contributor Midnight Run:

    “The blame for so many deaths that have been defined as “the Holocaust” goes back to Britain. ... Britain, through the British Mandate ... closed the doors to all Jewish immigration to Palestine.”

    My response:

    Nazi Germany established “concentration camps” - death camps, for the murder of differing groups of victims, but primarily Jews. The Nazis murdered people by starving them while also denying them medical help, and later the Nazis introduced industrial scale genocide using pellets originally designed as a pesticide, pellets which produced cyanide gas. By the time the “final solution” had been devised, the Nazis sought to murder as many Jews as possible in every country the Nazis occupied, giving priority to the train-cattle-tucks carrying Jews to the gas chambers, over that of the German military trains. The Jews were trapped in Nazi occupied countries; having little or no possibility of escape. During the war Britain halted Jewish immigration to its Palestine Mandate, to avoid Arab violence.

    The Nazis sought to take over British Mandate Palestine (1942) with intent to murder the Jews there, but the British defended the region successfully:

    Contributor Midnight Run:

    “Britain made an agreement (McMahon Agreement) with the Arabs in 1915 ... the deal”.

    My response:

    “McMahon” was a series of correspondence too vague to be any legally-binding “agreement”. The Jews of Ottoman Turkish “Syria” (Turkish occupied Judea / Israel) were not a party to any such alleged “agreement”.

    See further “McMahon–Hussein Correspondence”:

    The “McMahon–Hussein Correspondence” made no mention of “Palestine”, which was in 1915 controlled by the Ottomans who themselves made no use of the term “Palestine”.

    Quote: “Palestine lay to the southwest of Damascus and was not explicitly mentioned [in the “McMahon-Hussein Correspondence”]:

    Contributor Midnight Run:

    “In 1917 the Zionists offered to bring the United States into the war on Britain’s side in exchange for the rights to Palestine.”

    My response:

    Zero evidence: Of any such agreement; of how it was allegedly carried out; of any such alleged-influence on President Wilson’s decision.

    America is considered to have entered the First World War for 3 main reasons:

    1) In January 1917 Germany resumed unrestricted submarine warfare after President Woodrow Wilson warned this would not be tolerated, and the sinking of seven U.S. merchant ships by German submarines.

    2) Germany invited Mexico to join the war, as shown in the intercepted “Zimmermann Telegram”.

    3) President Wilson argued that the war was so important that the US had to have a voice in the anticipated peace conference.

    Source for U.S. entry into the First World War reasons 1), 2) and 3) - see under “Entry of the United States”:

    Contributor Midnight Run:

    “Britain made the deal with them [Zionists] (the Balfour Declaration is Britain’s written guarantee that they would abide by the deal) and signed Palestine over to them.”

    My response:

    The Balfour Declaration 1917 was a public declaration, not any agreement; no evidence of any alleged “agreement”; nothing was “signed over”.

    Contributor Midnight Run:

    “There was never a “Holocaust” as is claimed in the narrative of “exterminating the Jews” ... [Soviets] stage incriminating evidence against Germany ... majority of the deaths came in the final months of the war when, after the Allies destroyed Germany’s infrastructure”.

    - - - - Start of extract: - - - -

    “The industrialization and scale of the murder was unprecedented. Killings were systematically conducted in virtually all areas of occupied Europe - more than 20 occupied countries.[40] Close to three million Jews in occupied Poland and between 700,000 and 2.5 million Jews in the Soviet Union were killed. Hundreds of thousands more died in the rest of Europe.[41] Victims were transported in sealed freight trains from all over Europe to extermination camps equipped with gas chambers.[42] The stationary facilities grew out of Nazi experiments with poison gas during the Aktion T4 mass murder ("euthanasia") programme against the disabled and mentally ill, which began in 1939.[43]The Germans set up six extermination camps in Poland: Auschwitz II-Birkenau(established October 1941); Majdanek (October 1941); Chełmno (December 1941); and the three Operation Reinhard camps, Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka, in 1942.[44] A seventh death camp, Maly Trostenets, was established near Minsk in Belarus, then part of the Reichskommissariat Ostland.[45] Discussions at the Wannsee Conference in January 1942 made it clear that the German "final solution of the Jewish question" was intended eventually to include Britain and all the neutral states in Europe, including Ireland, Switzerland, Turkey, Sweden, Portugal, and Spain.[46]”


    40. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 1996, p. 7.

    41. Crowe 2008, p. 447.

    42. Evans 2015a, p. 385.

    43. "Gassing Operations". Holocaust Encyclopedia. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Archived from the original on 8 February 2015. Retrieved 25 January 2015.

    44. Jump up to:a b c "Killing Centers: An Overview". Holocaust Encyclopedia. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Archived from the original on 14 September 2017. Retrieved 30 September 2017.

    45. Lehnstaedt 2016, p. 30.

    46. Gilbert 2001, p. 289.

    Extract source:

    - - - - End of extract - - - -

    Israel is Re-established within the Jewish ancestral homeland:

    Map of Jewish Hasmonean Kingdom of Judea including the West Bank, Gaza, and Golan Heights, with its capital (of what is now EAST Jerusalem aka the “Old City”) of Jerusalem, and independent as at 110 BCE / 753 BH–752 BH: .

    The Jewish People are the indigenous people of their ancestral homeland of Israel with unbroken presence there since Biblical times:

    There has never been any Palestinian sovereign state by which the “Palestinian” Arabs could base any claim on the land of Israel.

    While not referring to any particular contributor, consider how do people become believers of Revisionist History and become Neo-Nazis / anti-Semites?

    Perhaps as a child at their parents dining table they were subjected constantly to a distortion of history devoid of any valid objective-evidence often motivated by hatred of Jews; and thus eventually became Willing to accept falsehood Without requiring any verification.

    I hope this helps.


    Source(s): Please click the sources given above, or if any are not clickable you can copy their address to your web browser's address bar.
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    @dave - you been told about the starvation rations allowed to the Jews imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto at the beginning of war, which had nothing to do with your nonsense about the Allies destroying the infrastructure -which didn't stop the Nazis moving more and more prisoners into Belsen, although you claim they couldn't move food or medicine there - although, again, the guards were not starving...) However, let me remind you:

    "between October 1940 and July 1942 around 92,000 of Jewish residents of the ghetto died of starvation, diseases and cold which accounted for nearly 20% of the entire population."

    And no one ignores the effects of typhus although you persistently claim they do.

    I will not go through the rest of the lies and nonsense which you repeat here, but I will repeat some questions out of the many you have never answered:

    You said " Dario Gabbai ... out-and-out lied about his experiences and what he saw" and I asked you for proof of this claim. You have not given any. Can I assume you don't have it?

    Where does the quote you give at the end of your question? Who are these Jews against Zionism and where are they making this plea?

    And the basic question: the German Jews were guilty of nothing - the Jews in the territories Hitler seized could not be 'enemies of the state' Germany was not their country? why then did Hitler want to hound them out of Europe and ultimately kill them - men, women and children. Rememter the children of Izieu?

    Why do you defend child murder, @dave?

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    To anyone who might think of believing the lies in Midnight Run's rant, please go and google Sobibor, Belzec and Treblinka, and decide for yourself how likely it is that the hundreds and thousands of perfectly healthy people who arrived there by train every day for months on end, and were never seen again, became victims of illness and starvation and died overnight.

    MR keeps saying 'the only hint of a gas chamber is the one recreated at Auschwitz'. This is because he deliberately ignores the hundreds of thousands of statements from survivors and perpetrators alike, testifying to the absolutely undoubted existence of gas chambers at sites in Western Poland as well as several (less well known) in Germany itself.

    Anyone who takes the trouble to read AT ALL can't help but understand that although the Germans destroyed the gas chambers as the Red Army advanced from the east, the chambers most certainly existed, and a total of over one million people were killed in them.

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