what can you do to address chronic boredom?

i get so bored a lot, living alone in a flat, in which ive lived for 14 years now...living mainly as a hermit, coping with severe mental health problems with paranoia, ptsd, severe anxiety and borderline personality disorder........i have never found or established any relationships with women so far in life, and im now a man in my early forties.

so i get very lonely and bored often throughout the day and night too....i speak to my elderly mum 4 times a day on the phone, and my dad once a day on the phone....the two of them live far away from me.

i'm just sat here today in my flat, on the internet, on youtube and yahoo answers feeling immensely bored out of my skull.

i can't just go out for fresh air as i get paranoid and anxious outside.

whats the answer in times like these?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    I'm pretty much in your situation, so all I can give you is my sympathy. Just an hour ago, I was stuffed in the sofa, filled with negativity, and wondering if I was going to stick to my plan for the day or just stay idle and depressed watching videos in my tablet. I finally got up and went on with my day because of the force of habit - maybe that can help you; you take care of your habits and one day they start to take care of you. I like that advice that goes "don't start until you're finished". Don't start your day, week, etc, until you've finished planning them. To the best of your abilities. Stopping and tweaking things as changes are needed. Without beating yourself up.

    When you plan your day beforehand, you take a lot of decisions out of the way, and then you can go into "do mode" for the rest of the day and everything flows better. Also, with time you see patterns in yourself, things that you can improve and optimize...

    (It's just an idea; I'm in the same war... )

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