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What is the point in living?

Lately I have been thinking about life, the universe and meaning. I have become interested in Philosophy, but I mainly disagree with its principles and its obsession over trying to advise people with how to live their lives, instead of focussing of truths.

If there is no afterlife, and life is indeed finite, then everything we do is ultimately meaningless. If after we die there is eternal nothingness then every action and every decision we make will amount to nothing. Just think about it; there is no point in doing anything if one day you are going to die and will not be able to remember any of it.

Everytime I ask this question, people respond with some nonsense about how I should be trying to have a happy life, but it all seems pointless to me. I just want to exist - I don't care about happiness or how other people live their lives. Unlike the majority of people, I have accepted that my life will be miserable, and depressing and disappointing. It does not matter how I live my life; one day I will be dead and none of this will matter.

To be honest I just want to know whether anyone else shares a similar view to me. It seems that everyone is disillusioned with this idea of hedonism - trying to maximise happiness - instead of seeking truth. Thank you for taking the time to read my question, and I will be grateful to here your opinion.

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    Don't confuse the majority of answers you get in the Y.A. philosophy forum with philosophy. There are very few people here with a background in academic philosophy that know enough to even be termed amateur philosophers and certainly not the people who tell you how you ought to live.

    In fact,philosophy generally does not advise people how to live their lives at all and certainly doesn't obsess about it, so you are completely off base with that remark. I can randomly pull any of at least two dozen critically acclaimed philosophy books off my shelf and not one of them says anything about how one should live their life. Of all the academic disciplines, sociologists come closest to doing that, besides all the random people here who feel compelled to stick their 2 cents in just because they can.

    Speaking of such people, you cannot control what others do, so if you don't want to be told things you don't want to hear, then stop coming to public forums like this one. It is the rare person who likes depressed, disappointed miserable people, so every time you ask a question here you're probably going to get an earful and be disappointed. As Albert Einstein supposedly said, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

    And on that note, you're not seeking truth, you're seeking affirmation of your own distorted beliefs. It very much matters how you live your life because it isn't the far future that is important, it is the present. Everything you do has an effect on something or someone who comes in contact with you, whether you are aware of it or not. Everybody, including you seeks happiness in one form or another, so anything you do that increases happiness in the world is worthwhile and not pointless, All you have to do is put some effort into it.

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    I use to think like you. Life is full of disappointment because of all the suffering that is going on in the world. But reality is, you put yourself in that situation. Your actions and words creates the outcome of consequences. If you do nothing, do you expect something to happen? Being miserable is your choice. Your right on one thing, we are going to die some day. Its sad to see people like you wanting to accept death so easily when others out there are literally dying and trying to live. Those who put their life on the line for your freedom and future, I guess it was worthless.

    Be more thankful and humble yourself.

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    You’re taking life too seriously. Life is playful.

    The mysterious human property of self consciousness allows us to reflect on ourselves. The other creatures aren’t spending their lives worrying about dying as they don’t have a self conscious ego.

    You keep saying you’re gonna die one day... only this form of you is going to die. This ego. This John Smith or whoever you are. You are not that. That’s just a name. You’re caught up in the illusion. You’re the eternal immeasurable energy of the universe playing it this way for a while. Then you’ll play it another way.

    It’s like this... what we call God or Nature or Reality is like a great ocean....but you’re envisioning yourself as a little bubble in a foreign ocean that’s going to pop one day. But you’re not the bubble! You’re the ocean playing the bubble...but you can only be one bubble, one “I” at a time.

    You’re not poor little me! You’re gonna have a big laugh one day when you wake up and realize you’re God in disguise.

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    First you need to understand what philosophy is as opposed to the ideas different philosophical schools hold. You're confusing a number of things including religion

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    For you apparently there is no point. For me it is enjoying yourself, doing good for others, and being a good citizen. How do you know what happens after you die, I don't and neither do you.

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    "Joel" = Jehovah is LORD. In the book of Joel, the children of Israel had endured a plague, and Joel's Word of God is that the Holy Spirit as Messias will bring meaning and salvation.

    Your focus is more re "truths" for you. Some truths for you would likely include that you are aware that you are aware, and that you have feelings.

    Your "Joel" Child-soul is to be rescued by LORD, in Bible-teach. As for truths for you, you apparently have no inkling that God Is, perhaps due to engrossment in materialism. Hence your dilemma of truth: you have no feeling of God's Being, and yet you are not illogically claiming "God is not" (hence Meaning is not), which a-theism is psychologistic, often related to hedonistic egotism. You seem to have less inclination toward that, which lack of dogmatism is a good character virtue.

    Would therefore suggest "The Slightest Philosophy" by Quee Nelson as a clear look at philosophic conundrums, and "Purity of Heart Is to Will One Thing" by Soren Kierkegaard. Both are brief.

    As for perspective, in some cases the soul or inner child becomes so engrossed by materialism (think Saint Martha in the kitchen, doing good work) that she, like Saint Lazarus, will be enduring a situation in which the dreams and post-passing are for some clearing of confusion. Thus, "The Great Divorce" by C. S. Lewis is very heuristic as to what "Pilgrim's Progress" occurs nightly in dreams and post-passing.

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    There is no innate point. You didn’t invent nihilism, but maybe you should read the existentialists.

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    rnaybe you should ask god this question since hes the one that put you here

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