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Im 17 and i want to buy my first car, what car age should i get as i don't want brand new but i want reliable.?

The cars i have been looking at is from 2011 and what car do you recommend for 17 year old with first car where insurance wont be so high

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    I haven't kept up with what is reliable and what isn't for years.

    To find out I would go to the public library. In the reference section even in High Schools there is often a copy of "The Consumers Reports Buyers Guide". In that publication there is a bunch of information about car reliability, maintenance costs and repair costs. A study of those guides will provide the information you desire.

    To short cut the time needed to figure it out- they also have there a list of "preferred" models and "avoid" models.

    Which leaves only the issue of insurance- which your family insurance agent can provide.

    My gut feeling is that a non-performance Subaru will be on the list, a few models from the Ford line up and a Mazda or two. If you can find a Subaru for a reasonable price, go with that. The Mazda cars will be cheapest of the lot to buy if my intuition is right. Subaru's are one of the more difficult cars to find used and that is because they are reliable and good for any road condition you will ever come across. They are not "off road vehicles", but rain, snow or sunshine- if any car can get through it will be a Subaru.

  • Poppy
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    9 months ago

    Plenty of time, you can’t do it until you are 18 and legally an adult.

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    A Toyota Camry or Honda Civic that you can buy for less than $5,000. it is not economical to buy collision and comprehensive insurance for that low of an investment.

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    Who is going to insure this vehicle for you? You can't because you are not of legal age to sign a legally binding contract. An insurance policy for an automobile is just that, a legal contract.

    You can certainly find a 8 to 10 year old car that still has its integrity. Only consider those which the seller can show you full and complete PROOF of all service and maintenance records.

    In general, Honda, Mazda, and Toyota brand vehicles have the best long-term reliability and dependability.

    • Geo
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      A Mazda 3 would be a great first car. Honda Civics are good too.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Toyota Corolla. They have a reputation for reliability. I've had mine for 22 years.

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    9 months ago

    Probably something between 5-10 years old will be the best combination of price and reliability. Look at mileage and go for lower mileage. Also, be sure and check for suspension issues. I personally recommend Subaru, Nissan, Toyota or Honda. I've had good luck with all of these. I previously had a Subaru Forester that lasted me almost 17 years.

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    Think what sort of car your grandfather drives. Get an old one of those.

    Or maybe you could get a 1987 pickup truck. Sure, it'll have poor fuel economy, but that'll make you more careful about how far you drive it. Also, pickups aren't really "cool" (especially if the AC doesn't work) and your friends not only won't ask to borrow it, they won't even ask you to be their taxi service. When you need money (and who doesn't?) you can use it to haul things around for people. You can even get a trailer (I have several) and be able to haul around Big Stuff. Like horses or cattle.

    Yes, I am old enough to be your grandfather. Or maybe your great-grandfather. All I have is pickups. And horse trailers.

    And horses.

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