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Kyle asked in SportsBaseball · 2 years ago

Will the Cubs win the World Series this year?

Its one game, but they started off strong with a quality performance from Lester with 6 IP. Baez is in MVP form with two home runs, and KB is fully healthy, hitting a oppo shot 2 run HR over 400'.

people are taking walks and working good ABs.

i'll wait to see Darvish pitch Saturday, but everyone is healthy, hungry, and really pissed off after their early exit from last year.


Rhodes, why do you block me? what are you afraid of?

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  • 2 years ago
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    A season has 162 games, not just 1. Ask this in September.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Maddon is already making stupid moves. Pulling Strop for Montgomery yesterday made no sense, especially when the only pitch Montgomery had working was his gopher ball.

    The Cubs won it all in 2016 despite Maddon. I doubt that they'll do it again.

  • Will
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    2 years ago

    Hell no. They had a one time successful year.

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