17 years old, had bum smacked at work?

I m 17 years old and have worked in a hotel for about a year now. A chef (late 30s maybe 40s ish) smacked my bum (hard for the record) with a cloth. I said it wasn t appropriate and had a go but he just winked at me. Told my manager straight after who didn t do anything and so I told my supervisor who said they were probably just messing around. I feel horrible and beyond uncomfortable, they make innaproproate comments all the time which I ve learnt to cope with but they re never been physical in this way. I don t know what to do, any advice please?

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    2 years ago
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    Put it in writing to your manager and HR (email if possible), detail the time, place and those involved. If you still don't get a satisfactory response then we'll need to know what country you're in so we can tell you where to take it.

    It's not "OK" and he should have apologised when you said that it made you uncomfortable, don't let it go otherwise it'll get worse.

    Well done for speaking up and let us know how it goes with HR.

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    I am sorry to have to tell you that it is one thing to have corporate or government protection against such inappropriate behaviour, and quite another thing to have it actually PROTECT you.

    The sad fact is that most so-called "protections" rely on YOUR EMPLOYERS to be your first line of "defence" against repeated mistreatment. That ignores the fact that your employers are in business to make money, not to ensure a just workplace - and it actually would COST them money to make sure what happened to you does not ever happen to you or any other employee in the future...so their first reaction must always be (and always IS) to exercise what looks like due regard and then find that NO FOUL WAS COMMITTED.

    If you decide that you won't accept that finding, there will always be some government judge that you may appeal to, but that will require you to spend thousands of pounds out of your own purse for legal representation. And even if you do that, the court's standards for proof (that your employer did not conduct a proper investigation, and that the incident occurred just as you alleged) will be too high for you to ever reach. Sorry - but that's just the way it is.

    The more your efforts to be treated with respect cause your supervisor any inconvenience, the more likely you are to end up being consistently chosen for particularly undesirable duties that normally are supposed to be shared-out among everybody. If you take issue with THAT, it could end up with you losing your job. Therefore - my advice to you is to concentrate on making it clear to the cook, and others like him/her, that yours is NOT the bum to smack. I wouldn't break any laws doing so, but I would use my imagination.

    And don't count on your union - the cook has probably paid more union dues than you have.

    Sorry this is such gloomy news - but it's best to be realistic about these things. You shouldn't have to accept workplace attacks upon your dignity - but there are some VERY unrealistic ideas out there, about how this rule or that law supposedly applies, and how much practical protection is actually available. An unsuspecting employee can be sufficiently misled to end up cutting his or her own throat.

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    Put it in writing and make an official complaint. Send a copy of the complaint to your Union. No-one has the right to assault you and where you were assaulted could be regarded as sexual harassment. You should, at least, get an abject apology from the cook and the management.

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    2 years ago

    Don't be such a snowflake...it was nothing...get on with your life.

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    2 years ago

    next time pull your pants all the way down so he can get a better grip, and then shut up, stop complaining and do your job

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    2 years ago

    Yes. You can report it to the police as it is assault.

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