Does anyone know of any low carb recipes? In November I was diagnosed with diabetes so this would be very helpful.?

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    I assume you are type 2? I was diagnosed with diabetes 7 years ago. Here are things I've learned (that work for me)...

    Don't use diabetic recipes from diabetes websites and magazines - I've seen them that include potatoes and corn and flour and pasta - it's crazy!

    Beware of Keto recipes - they are based on NET carbs and that won't necessarily apply to you as a diabetic.

    I rarely use artificial sweeteners because I don't like them (outside of diet soda). Instead, I make desserts that start out low carb and cut the sugar WAY back. I make homemade ice cream (can't make stuff with caramel swirls and chopped up cookies and carby stuff like that - but can make fruit and mint and dark chocolate). I make flourless chocolate cake, chocolate budino, custards. I use chocolate that is betweeen 75% -90% - very low carb. And I don't eat a lot.

    We eat a lot of meat and veggies! I'll make pasta sauces and the husband gets pasta while I get zoodles.

    If you are overweight, you need to also watch out for fats. I wasn't and I'm still not, so fortunately I don't have to have that as an extra thought to what I make.

    You should ask your doctor's office for a referral to a diabetes educator or nutritionist. I did that and walked away with a handy-dandy list of suggestions for types of food to eat or not.

    Here's how I eat. You'll see more potatoes than I myself actually consume and if you see polenta or pasta, it's not on my plate ;)

  • Mj
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    2 years ago

    Skip the breads and cereals, ramp up the veggies.....don't count potatoes as veggies....They are mostly starch.

  • 2 years ago

    meat and veg for dinner--scrambled eggs with veg for breakfast, salads for lunch...cheese and nuts for snacks--if you have bread-have real sourdough--actually better than whole grain.

    snacks--choczero (choc. bar with 2 net carbs!!) zevia is sugar free, sweetened with stevia, soda, vitamin water zero is a good fruit juice replacement. Arizona makes a nice zero calorie green tea that is sweetened with stevia.

    google chicken baseballs-eat them with a salad-each crescent roll is about 11 carbs

    chili is low carb

    you can make mashed cauliflower taste like potatoes--I add chicken bouillion (in the packets, some cream, butter)

    make hot dogs into pigs into a blanket with crescent rolls.

    I also agree that those diabetic recipes in magazines and books are ridiculous--they are high in carbs--but just tell you to eat this tiny portion.

    be wary of sugar free products sweetened with maltitol-they have a laxative effect

  • Cammie
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    2 years ago

    Just count the carbs in your meal. A dietitian should have explained this to you.

    #1=Look for recipes on line or in books.There are zillions.

    #2-Scrambled eggs with roasted onions, peppers, mushrooms and ham.A little bit of potatoes or fresh fruit.

    #3 A big salad with protein. Or try a veggie soup on cold days.Maybe with half a sandwich.Tuna melt on one slice of bread.Yum.

    #4-Baked chicken, fresh veggies on sale and a higher carb veggie such as corn or potato.

    #4= a whole salmon, a bunch of Broccoli and fresh tomatoes.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    You should ask your nutritionist or doctor, they will know your needs, it depends on many things, including whether you are T1 or T2, and if you are the latter, on how advanced it is and how it is managed [insulin or tablets].

  • 2 years ago

    You can eat anything everyone else eats, you just must count the carbs to add up to what your doctor/dietitian has set per your diet.

    You basically also measure everything.

    Refer to the instructions your dietitian has given you.

    AND if you skipped going to that referral, shame on you. That appointment will make everything clearer and easy.


    Some sample meals would be as follows.

    3 ounce grilled chicken breast, 1 cup steamed green beans 1 baked potato. yield 37 grams.

    Switch the potato to seasoned brown rice and you have 25 carbs.

    Simpler meals like this are easier to count carbs on and no special recipes are needed. Surely you already know how to cook.

    How many grams per meal are you allotted?

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Entire books, magazines and websites are devoted to this topic. No one is going to reinvent the wheel for you here. Go to your local library or do some web searching.

    ETA: "And those sources are TERRIBLE." And asking the peanut gallery on Yahoo is better? You're a piece of work.

  • ?
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    2 years ago

    Plenty. Do you think ALL "normal" meals have to have fried potoes or bred in them?

  • ?
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    2 years ago

    Try looking up keto recipes, there's tons of them out there.

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