LBC London Radio: "Jeremy Corbyn told to secure a SECOND referendum in letter signed by EIGHTY MPs"?

LBC London Radio today (7th April 2019): "Jeremy Corbyn told to secure a SECOND referendum in letter signed by EIGHTY MPs".

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  • 2 years ago
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    I haven't heard this myself so I can't discuss it as a fact. I don't know who those

    MPs might be, or their political persuasions or (though it hardly needs stating), what their view of Brexit might be. However, it's clear that the talks Corbyn engaged in with May have unsurprisingly come to a complete impasse, so I fail to see why Corbyn could be expected, at the behest of 80 MPs, to secure a second referendum. Further, he has publicly said that he does not favour that process.

    All that Corbyn says and does right now is with his mind set firmly on occupation of 10 Downing Street with his government in Parliament. Don't think for one second that his MO is with the people of UK in mind. It's all about his own political ambition, and he'll agree with anything that he thinks may force a general election and catapult him into the position of Prime Minister.

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    2 years ago

    I wish someone would explain what the ballot paper for a second -- presumably " we mean really binding" -- referendum would look like ?

    Would it run to 400 pages in an effort to explain all the "Ifs and buts " about any leaving deal offered , so we fully understood what the alternatives really were ?

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