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Best way to get cheap airfare for last minute flights? Tips?

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  • 12 months ago

    Realistically expect what you consider "affordable".

    Carefully online monitor major airlines for the flight date/time you seek; you may note that every 15 to 30 minutes, you MAY see flight rates come up or down; a matter of finding what you seek, at the right time.

    Have ready the following: Credit card info, a note pad / pen ( so you can compare competing rates )

    Just beware, finding that perfect "cheap" rate might mean some serious sacrifices, like comfortable seating space--passenger "cramming" is popular within the U.S. airline industry right now; thank Spirit Airlines for that one, they started the practice.

    Also factor in luggage weight variables; that s an understandably big concern with airlines.

    And check out the ever-popular TSA website to see what passengers are allowed--and NOT allowed--to board with.

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    ASK AOC when the next fast train is going the direction you want to go or ask her for a ride.

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  • 12 months ago

    don t think that exists

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    ref. Experience on occasion.

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    You cant

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  • 12 months ago

    skyscanner.com. Try flying out of different airports. If you're flying overseas, try flying out of LAX (even if that means booking a flight to LA and then flying out of LAX).

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  • 1 year ago

    No such thing as cheap last minute flights, unless it's empty, but then it's probably going somewhere no one wants to go.

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  • 1 year ago

    Depends on your definition of CHEAP and Last minute.

    You can wait at the check in counter and ask about the flight about 3 hours before take off.

    Do you think you should actually pay something? At least the cost of fuel to haul you and your stuff.

    The first day a flight is posted usually has a few cheap seats. SEAT sales if you book in the first hour or two after it is announced.

    Price line has a Dutch Auction type place You pick a destination.. You are informed of the details AFTER you pay.

    Suggest the popular place on Friday evening of a holiday weekend will not have many .

    Last flights New Years eve First flight New Years day Christmas Morning

    Tuesday Wednesday after a long weekend.

    There is no one answer for every departure Airport, every airline , every flight.every destination every day.

    You book when you find an agreeable price to you. sometimes it might come down or it can go up. Tens of thousands have flight alerts looking for the bargain. IF one happens it goes in minutes.

    You learn what the 'normal' fares are for a few days around your desired travel time and destination. YOU regularly monitor the prices. A few search sites have estimators when they expect lowest price.NO ONE can guarantee the absolute lowest price to get there until the plane departs.

    YOU be flexible in the time you must depart or return. You be flexible in the exact route you must go. Frequently taking a detour of a few hours on flights that are not full can save you a lot. YOU PAY in time.

    You decide a value for your time. The fast direct way is usually more. So waiting at a connection an extra hour or two means what to your budget.

    Will you take an extra two hours to save $50 how about $100 and an extra change of planes.As you want CHEAP try the CHEAP low fare carriers first.. Thousands of others also you want the cheaper way too. You are fast to book when you find something. Next hour it may be sold to others.

    If there is some big local event travel in the opposite direction. Those full planes inbound depart near empty. They are then full again after the event.

    Occasionally you just accept there is no bargain, discount, special deal,sale price for your destination on your travel day. It does happen often the planes for the route are full and have been for many months.

    For the next few months tens of thousands of seats just disappeared from flight schedules because of the grounded worldwide fleets of Boeing planes.When they start flying for a few days there may be some low fares As the plane goes back into service.

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      Why do you keep, SHOUTING?

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