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Why do physicists try to find the answers to problems with science when at the subatomic level, the laws of physics become probabilities?

probably is used in social science and not strictly science

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  • goring
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    1 year ago

    Probability only indicates what is more likely for a process to occur favorably.

    The system of probability that applies to a phenomenon is called Quantum mechanics.

    Its really a misnomer because it has not to do with physical mechanics.

    Hence what is called quantum mechanics is in reality of the science that calls shots in the dark.

    Both in the Macro and micro universe, phenomena is synergistic with other phenomena.Thus in the real world things do not occur in terms of the laws of probability, but rather interactions affecting another another interaction.

    This means Einstein was right about bucking quantum mechanic gambling system

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  • 1 year ago

    Why do we try to find the answers to problems?

    I think THAT is self evident.

    Why does the randomness at subatomic levels become a non issue at macro levels?

    Because the number of particles is so unimaginably large that at most scales we deal with the randomness is immeasurable. Things become entirely predictable.

    Even things such as the weather are substantially predictable.

    So what is your particular concern.

    Remember that the goal is to be able to make predictions as to what will happen if.....

    And even at the quantum level that remains our goal. ( even if we cannot always achieve it ).

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  • 1 year ago

    Quantum mechanics has very precise equations and is the most accurate theory ever made. Although the collapse of the wavefunction is based on random probability, it doesn't mean anything and everything can happen.

    Einstein didn't like the random part. He said "God does not play dice with nature." But it seems like he does. No one knows why or if randomness can be eliminated by a better theory.

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  • neb
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    1 year ago

    You just posted a question that uses technology based on the quantum mechanics developed by physicists.

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  • D g
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    1 year ago

    why do you hide your identity .. you use what is SIMPLIST TO USE ... newtonian physics is all that is needed for non relativisitic objects ..

    sub atomic particles are generally relativisitic and since the sizes are so small we have the heisenburg principle to deal with which means we cant know all the things about an object he more accurate we know one thing the less acurate the other is

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