What demand is there in the USA & Canada to either establish a business or myself up as a Consultant advising large companies?

On UK and EU / EEA Employment Law and HR policies and procedures.

Could this also work in Australia and New Zealand?

Many companies may wish to expand their business operations into either the UK & Ireland or European market but need to know in advance how to legally take and deal with the employees in the right way.

I have five years experience in HR, in addition to several professional qualifications including an MSc in International HRM, CIPD 7 in Human Resource Management, CIPD 7 in Learning and Development, Chartered Fellow Membership and are also a Professional member of the Australian Institute of HR.

I could also do by distance learning US HR qualifications and advise UK and European companies on 'people management' in North America.

If I expanded on such a business model here, could it potentially work?

I am in short an International Transatlantic (and potential Transpacific) HR Consultant, Adviser and Policy Analyst?

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  • Foofa
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    1 year ago
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    There's very little demand for UK/EU HR expertise in Canada or the US. North American companies that expand into those zones hire local consultants. So your best bet to work for a North American company planning to work in Europe is to start that consulting firm in Europe. Your experience is pointless on US or Canadian soil.

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  • 1 year ago

    Very little. Companies in Canada at least would seek experts in the country they wished to expand in to. As well, Canada has immigrants from all over the world, and it would likely be possible to find someone already here with knowledge on the specific countries a company is interested in.

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  • 1 year ago

    Any company who needs such a consultant will hire a well known firm in the country where they plan to expand. They do not seek such people in their own country. No such "consultant" is eligible for employment visa, and nobody starting such a "consulting firm" would qualify for investor visa.

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