In the USA, is it more easier to succeed career wise in some states than others, which may be more rural, smaller & friendier?

Out of the 50 states, not all are the same. There is a clear difference between California and Mississippi and Texas and Maine.

Having said that, if someone is struggling to get a job in a larger and more populated principle state such as New York which is far more competitive and attracts candidates both nation and worldwide, why not consider someone else such as Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky or Indiana, where the pressure and competition for the jobs may be lighter?

This is because most people just wish to work in and flock to the key East and West Coast cities such as the Big Apple and the Big Orange.

It may also be the case that although salaries are slightly lower, it's a more relaxed and laid back working style, atmosphere and environment with less of the 'hire and fire' and 'employed at will contract mentality found more in the larger cities.

Alternatively, look in Miami, New Orleans or Houston as people are friendlier in the South East.

Chicago is also not quite as intense compared to New York and Los Angeles when it comes to the jobs, being the third city.

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  • DIEGO.
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    i wonder too.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    I prefer the Midwest to either of the coasts.

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