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Why did these birds give up on building their nest for a second one slightly higher?

A couple of magpies moved into the tree right outside my apartment window and are nesting for April. They started out building a nest for a few weeks but seemed to have given up suddenly in order to build a new one like two feet above the old one. The new one is probably four times the size of the old one now but it seems weird to put in all that work just to build a few feet higher. They didn t even take the twigs from the first one and both nests are in view of my window. (Also I keep the shades shut for their privacy so I don t think they have seen me.)

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  • 1 year ago

    Well it could be less noisy that much higher up and if the second one is bigger than maybe the first one wouldn’t have been able to support the final nest where they placed it.

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