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how did NAFTA change things for the middle class standard of living? can explain?

who was really responsible too for NAFTA and why they went along with it? good or not and why?

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    It was a Canadian initiated thing, under Brian Mulroney, that the USA, and later Mexico agreed with. In Canada, it allowed the middle class to prosper, due to increased trade. I believe Mexico did well as well. In the USA, there is quite a difference between the rich, and the poor, and the Middle Class has been in decline for some time now. NAFTA certainly made rich people richer there, but, it seems to have exasperated the divide between rich, and poor, at least in the perceptions of many Americans.

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    Bill Clinton administration was responsible for it (1994). It was part of the then new internet/ 'globalization', of the booming 1990's. In the UK Tony Blair dragged the UK into the all EU federal bureaucracy of Europe...Bill Clinton in the USA dragged the US into NAFTA a free trade union between 3rd world Mexico with 1st world USA, with open borders to flood the USA with the unemployed Mexican people, and no tariffs or taxes so all US industry could move to Mexico for cheap factory labor there.

    It changed things for the USA blue collar class (the WWII type generations), because it wiped them out, made them unemployed forever!

    It replaced in the USA US workers and US unions with 1/3 pay no union immigrant/ illegal Mexican / Central American serf labor, and sent what was left of US industry to cheap labor, narco state Mexico.

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      or maybe they joined the military? I still see quite a number of white people doing lawncare , self employed, but they often hire Mexicans or central americans too! why?

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