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What to do to save my relationship?

I am sick for two months,

I have quit an antidepressant and have beein having severe withdrawel symptoms:

no sleep, no appetit, constant anxiety

My boyfriend supportet me first and than left. Now we still meet but he lives somewhere else.

He told me he still has some feelings for me.

But I have no power to fight because I am sick and don´t know how to heal and how long

I have nothing to offer him


I want to save our relationship we have been together for 4 years

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    You need to see a doctor and therapist. You can't save your relationship the way you are. Many people can't or don't want to cope or stay in a relationship where their partner has mental health issues. They feel it is draining on their own life.

    • elina1 year agoReport

      I saw a therapist.
      The one doesnt give me any medication and said I was getting better.
      The other gave me new antidepressant, I tried them but I felt much worse with side effects so after a week I stoped

      I fully understand my boyfriend but is there no hope? It is only temporary i will get better

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