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A creepy/weird dream, need an explanation.?

Most of the time when I sleep I don t remember a thing or just don t dream anything at all, but the other night I dreamed about a pretty creepy looking snake-cat hybrid animal thing. If I remember correctly it was lying in a box/plate and was hissing and beside it, there was laying a kitten that may have been dead (it wasn t moving). The snake-cat thing had the body of a snake, but it had greyish fur of the cat and had a cats head and that pretty much it.

If it means something, I hope that it doesn t mean anything bad.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    An evil Tom cat in your life. Maybe.

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  • 1 year ago

    So who is the deadly Person in your real Life? Since the animal is feline, that person may be feminine, a woman. "Creepy, hybrid, lying, hissing, head and fur like a feline, a cat" are the way you describe the being you dreamed about. Does this mage remind you of someone in your own Life? Your subconscious mind is trying to make you aware of the "character of the person" whom this hybrid represents.

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