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What made WW1 so special, since it's not the first global conflict and it was not the deadliest war of it's time?

First conflict to be fought worldwide was the 7 years war, it affected europe, america, africa, india, philippines.

And there were other wars that had far more casualties before WW1. For instance, 50 years before WW1 there was a Chinese civil war that killed over 30 million people.

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    Use of chemical weapons on a large scale in the battlefield

    First attempt to use strategic bombing on the enemy's homeland to affect the home front

    Massive human waves across no-mans land using outdated tactic from trenches

    Machine guns more advanced, and you can carry hand-held machine guns with you like the BAR

    Unrestricted submarine warfare

    More people killed by enemy fire than disease, which was a common death toll in the 19th Century wars

    Rape of Belgium

    Conflicts that occurred from the Pacific to Africa to the Middle East and Europe, with 32 countries participating

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    It was the war with the second highest casualties

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    Well it really was..Did you know millions died right here after from sickness.

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      That doesn't cout. If so, then the Mongol conquest would of been the deadliest war, bringing the black plague to Europe

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    It was the first global war that recived quick media coverage. News of what was happening in the war could be reported very quickly all around the globe. A massive battle like Verdun could have news reports about it just a day or two after it had happen, or started. So the whole world was informed of what was going on. Unlike the 7 years war, it would take people weeks or months to hear news about a battle that had happened. Of which that news would be pretty unreliable by the time it got to wherever it was going to.

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