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How to get a dog to get up and come to a specific place when told?

I've just recently gotten a puppy and she is a very fast learner. She already knows sit, heel, no, get down, come on (which is just used when I want her to follow me), and her name of course. She doesn't seem to understand when to get up on command or how to go to a specific spot I tell her to go to no matter how much I try to train her to. I try to coax her over to the spot with treats, which helps sometimes, but not always and I want to teach her how to go to a spot without the coaxing of treats eventually. She also doesn't get up when I use ways I've seen other people train their dogs to. Could I have some help? Please no hate, this is my first dog.. I know she won't get everything immediately, but we've been working on it for a while and she still doesn't understand, she just tilts her head to the side at me if I tell her to go to a spot or to get up.

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    When training you teach the action before using any command word..... so you put the pup on a lead, so you can SILENTLY walk the dog to a place you want it to go ( like a mat or its dog bed) , once on the mat/bed you use the command word "mat" or "bed" ( a treat already on the mat/bed will encourage it, but treats should be used sparingly and reduced or your pup will only do anything for a treat) and you continue to do that is short training sessions giving the pup time to think/absorb what you have done/what it has learned, you keep training consistant, lots of 5 min sessions two or three times a day, once the pup understands the command word it is likely to fo on its own with just the command word used.

    By teaching like that it is easily understood, the pup is managed and can't make a mistake does it every time and you don't get frustrated nor consude the pup with too many words.... same as the "away" command, easily trained by holding the pup, rolling a ball and letting to chase it, once it is chasing, you use the command "away" and when it returns yo use the command word "come"...come can also be trained daily each time you feed your dog, you make sure the dog knows food is 'being served' command "come" ( or its name) and if it doesn't the first time you call, you put the food away wait 20 mins before training it again... that way within a very short time you have 100% recall

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  • 1 year ago

    Wow. You sound a complete CONTROL FREAK. She's a PUPPY you RECENTLY GOT and you already think she should be trained? No kidding this is your first dog. You don't have an effing clue!

    I also thinking you're lying that you've trained her to walk on heel. No way in HELL. Young puppies shouldn't even be out walking around because they don't have all their shots yet. You did get this most likely backyard breeder puppy tested for diseases, right?

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    • Lizzie1 year agoReport

      Also, she's literally not from a backyard breeder, but go off I guess? I didn't say she was super young either soo.. She's older than 3 months and that's really all you need to know because it's not your business? Also not your business to know her medical status, but fyi, she's clean.

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  • 1 year ago

    This is very advanced (going to a specific place probably AWAY from you, or across a room).

    2) Despite what you think, puppies need "baby steps" or building blocks to more complex actions, and

    3) puppies have very SHORT attention spans.

    It is always best to teach ACTION (single word) commands FIRST:

    Sit, Heel, Come (to me) not "come-on" to walk beside me & Down (Not lie down, not LAY down) btw, only chickens LAY.

    Puppies NEED SIMPLE. (This is the K.I.S.S. philosophy). Surely, you know what that stands for. "Stay" is more complex and needs to wait for later.

    There is NO shame in signing up for an obedience class, it helps speed bonding builds confidence & puts you in the driver's seat. Even after 35 years in dogs, puppies & doing rescue I still go back on occasion for refresher courses. The best classes are taught be AKC affiliated dog clubs, NOT PET SUPPLY STORES (who just want you to buy MORE STUFF.)

    A 100% reliable "COME" when called (no matter what the DISTRACTION is, outside in the world) can SAVE your puppy's LIFE so it is THE MOST IMPORTANT command you will EVER TEACH!!!!!

    Okay decide whether it is a RUG, Ruggy, or a MAT as your target and name for said target. You have to be 100% consistent in what you call it.

    So as suggested, leash the puppy. Have HIGH VALUE treats in your pocket. Personally, I like the word "ruggy" it sounds friendlier to me. So place a treat on the ruggy and then say "Go ruggy!" and you and the puppy trot or run over to the rug. GOOD RUGGY!!!!! Puppy gets treat, YEA! (Release puppy.) So, you do some other stuff & you or partner sneak or toss another treat (when puppy is NOT looking) back onto the rug. <Yes, I like sneaky commando training......>

    And you REPEAT the process including the leash (since puppy also needs to be learning how to walk on a leash indoors, before outside- anyway. (TWO-FER). GANG-BUSTERS again!

    Yes, I know....your bright little puppy is getting tons of help doing it, at this point. And you think we, or at least I am a simpleton. <LOL>

    Nada, you are teaching something COMPLEX and you WANT puppy to do it right you want to build CONFIDENCE and you WANT puppy to have FUN. So gradually.... "Go ruggy" will be something you say with puppy OFF leash (BESIDE YOU) but you still rush over with puppy..... and then give the treat - when you GET THERE! and PRAISE & PARTY HARTY!!!! (The rug must become a nice FUN place.) GOT IT?

    So every night (Sneaky Santa Claus time) you will put a treat there for the puppy to FIND first thing in AM & you will begin to say "GO RUGGY" as soon as puppy has gone potty. PRAISE!! But again, give a release word (to get off the rug) and then fix its breakfast, etc.

    The problem with NEW puppy parents is that they expect too much too fast. YOU NEED PATIENCE! Puppies have the attention span of a demented GNAT.

    Yes, you will have some quick successes, but not everything will go swimmingly. And you have not even hit a "fear period"...(yet) or the juvenile delinquent period where puppy will "GO DEAF" or "forget" its name and ALL PRIOR TRAINING. Yes, honey it will get very very bad & your angel will grow HORNS......

    I highly recommend the book, "How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With" by Rutherford & Neil (Alpine publishing) its in more than its 10th edition, but you can still buy used one, if you prefer and get plenty from any edition you end up with. It will take you through the WHOLE first year (and it covers FEAR PERIODS).

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  • 1 year ago

    The dog involved is a pup And you are expecting far to much of it Slow down with your training therefore pups cant run before they can walk either ya see

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Another owner who is big on teaching the dog tricks, not so big on obedience. These are the dogs/owners that end up to be dangerous.

    Repetition is the key. My dogs knew "come" before they knew ANYTHING else. Of course, I have no plans for my dogs to join the circus, but do prefer they come when called.

    • Lizzie1 year agoReport

      What are you literally talking about? I'm literally not teaching her tricks. That's not what she's for. FYI, I'm training her basic things right now because she will have an important job later on in her life so.

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  • 1 year ago

    That may be a bit advanced at this time. From your training you have realized that training/learning is nothing but repetition, repetition, repetition, doing something over & over & over until it is done right. Perfecting it all along. You are well on your way of teaching her basic obedience. Teach her all of that & throw in a few cute tricks.

    Both of you are learning & you just have to keep trying, in time it will work.

    'fun tricks to teach my dog'

    'basic obedience'

    It is fun to train a smart dog. Almost instant gratification. Keep adding new things but keep repeating what has already been learned.

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  • 1 year ago

    just show her what you want her to do by going to that specific place, and then she rnight know what youre talking about

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