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What is the best way to desensitize my dog to the beep of my wheelchair going on?

My dog is a real guard dog and she hates when someone comes to the door but my dad orders a lot of stock for his shop to the house and the beep of the machines they use to keep track drives her crazy. The thing is my wheelchair makes a very similar noise when I turn it on so that makes her think someone is at the door.

What would be the best technique to desensitize her to that noise?

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    Make it beep, tell her quiet when she barks, when she stops, small treat. Repeat until she's making NO noise and then move from treats to just praise, play time so you aren't continually feeding treats.

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  • 1 year ago

    Okay, to expand on Maxi's flooding suggestion. Get some very HIGH value treats, NOT the regular stuff. Put these in a baggie or in your pocket. Put your dog on a leash tethered to your wheelchair, or to a non-moveable object (like the fridge) and sit your wheelchair next to that. Now get the dog's attention & give it a treat. Praise the dog. Have it sit.

    Turn in the chair and hold out a treat to the dog as you turn the chair ON.

    Make sure you work out the TIMING (I suggest you say the dog's name) and turn on the chair AS YOU offer the treat - so the dog begins to CONNECT the SOUND OF YOUR CHAIR => with the TREAT. repeat, repeat. (chair off, ON =>TREAT!)

    If that does not work (as I've tried to explain) read up on CLICKER training & start with that, and then phase into the sound of the chair being turned on, as something you want the dog to *KEY ON* for a reward.

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  • 1 year ago

    Ask the barer to turn the volume in his or her item down explaining why

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  • Maxi
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    1 year ago

    Flooding: The purpose of flooding therapy in dog training or desensitising and counter conditioning and other dog behaviour modification techniques is to change the dog's emotional response to the trigger.

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