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Why am I feeling this way? :(?

Hi everyone. I am a 13 year old girl, and lately I haven't been feeling right. Please help. :(

So for a couple of weeks, I've been having feelings of loosing my breath, having a strange pain or sore feeling on the both of my upper sides, like close to the ribs, and a fluttery dropping feeling in my chest. Idk what this is, or why I'm feeling this way. I have went to the ER for loosing my breath, and they did X-rays, an EKG, and they checked my oxygen levels. They said everything is perfectly normal. I do not have any health issues whatsoever. The only 2 things that effect me are asthma and severe allergies. I have Sports-induced asthma, which is not really severe at all. When I exercise or when I play a sport, I feel short of breath, but I regain it when I take a rest. I don't use my abuterol unless I really need it. I went to my asthma doctor, and he said I'm fine. I went to my ENT doctor, and he said that my nose can be causing the breathing issues. My Asthma Doctor said the same. I have been taking Flonase for my nose, and antibiotics. But I feel nothing is working. I am allergic to pollen, trees, grass, dust, and pretty much almost everything outdoor related. I do have some food allergies also. I told my parents about the pain sore feeling on my sides, and they think I'm just overreacting and they think it's from muscle strain. I am also a MAJOR hypochondriac.... so idk what's wrong with me? The doctors say I'm fine. Any advice or answers will help. Thank you :(

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    See a doctor, not a bunch of trolls and hacks.

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