How do I get the speaker to work on the PS4 controller?

I have just brought the kids a near new but second hand PS4 and I have discovered on the controller that it has a small speaker. How do I get volume through the speaker. I have YouTube it but it only gives instructions when using headphones but were not using headphones. No noise is coming through the speaker at all, only through the TV. Any help or instructions would be much appreciated.

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    2 years ago
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    The speaker in the controller is only used for specific things in some games, like a cellphone ringing in-game might ring on the controller if the game's been programmed to do that. It's not meant to be a general audio output replacing the TV's speakers. You either get audio through the TV/receiver/soundbar, or through headphones connected to the controller.

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    As far as I saw with my controller it's only little sound effects that are played on the controller. I could be wrong since I turned the speaker off as soon as it started making noise.

    The way I turned it off, I believe I held the big PS button in the middle of the controller and a menu pops up. Then went down to "devices" and adjusted it from there. It's been a long time since I messed with it, I could be wrong. Hope that helps.

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