A parent at my children's preschool leaves their kids in the car alone with car running while she picks up her child, should I say something?

Every day when I pick up my kids from preschool I see a parent leaving their two young children in the car, a baby and toddler while they go inside to pick up their older child from preschool. Usually it takes around five minutes sometimes longer if she's talking to other people. She leaves the car running with the windows down. I'm not a perfect parent and feel like I have no business judging other people but I wonder in this case if I should mention it to the preschool director so she can talk to her about it being a safety issue? Or should I mind my own business? I'm sure she's a good mom, it's probably just a hassle to bring her two babies inside with her.


I would say she averages 4-10 minutes each time

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    You can tell the directors, but I don’t know what they can do. Send out a notice to all parents? You may get a director that will speak to her personally and privately. Or they may do nothing, but it worth mentioning to them.

    Not only is this a danger to the kids in the car, but to others around them. The area must have other children running about. What if one climbs in and puts the car in gear.

    Being a mom and having to pick up older kids, I never left the younger ones in the car alone, not even for a minute. Yes it is a hassle to take them out and back in. But it is stupidity and laziness and huge lack of caring to leave a child alone in a car for any length of time.

    Any police officer, paramedic, EMT will tell you how stupid this is to do.

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    Young children should be supervised at all times. You say they can't get out of seat. Many can get out. Windows open, someone can snatch them. The child care director can put a note that all children inside and outside need supervision. Too much trouble? Don't have three children. Sometimes there are delays in getting them. Time flies fast if someone chats with you.

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    If you are concerned, simply contact the preschool director. It is stupid to leave your car on even if kids aren't in it. But if the kid puts it into gear that would be a lot of trouble. A baby should definitely not be left alone in a running care for 10 minutes.

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    People have different standards about this. I recall a case a couple of years ago. A Danish woman left her baby in a stroller to go indoors for 15 minutes, and she was arrested. After much explaining that this was normal in Denmark they let her go. It's not safe here, and maybe this mom should be informed of that.

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    as long as the car is locked and they aren't in danger of some sort, its fine, if you see something bad happen however you should intervene.

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    What is your concern. You have 2 kids who are in their child seats unable to get out. They have air. It's a short amount of time. The only issue is if you're worried about the extremely unlikely chance of kidnapping or car theft.

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