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Peruvian guinea pig?

I got a 9 month old guinea 2 days ago. He is very scared which I'm pretty sure is normal. I'm a little worried because I haven't seen him come out of his hiding place to eat or drink water. I've been leaving him veggies and fruits but they are untouched. Do you guys have any tips and ideas on how to get him to come out? Also is it ok to bathe him? (He has very long hair! And needs a trim) or should I wait a little until he has settled in? I don't want to stress him too much.

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    Your piggie is already under a lot of stress, scared, all alone. May take a while to settle and feel safe, don't compound the problem trying to bate him. you just have to let him do his own thing his own way.

    Chasing or grabbing him with hands just makes matters worse. dont make him do something he doesn't want

    Have patience and leave him undisturbed, tend his food and water as needed, not much else.

    He will eat and drink when he is ready, then very small steps from there.

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