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is there a communist party in Usa or a fascist party too?

I am not a red or fascist. If I am not wrong cpusa for commies while klux klux kla fascists

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    There is the CPUSA for communism.

    For fascism, there are various neo-Nazi parties, Anti-Communist Action, etc.

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    The US has both a Communist and a Nazi party

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    Yes, there is a Communist Party in the USA. Also a Maoist Party called the Revolutionary Communist Party [though some Leftists maintain that the RCP is actually controlled by the FBI and is a fake Communist organization]. And there is a Trotskyist party called the Socialist Workers Party.

    And an American Nazi Party. I once saw a group of them picketing the Socialist Workers Party! And the National Socialist Movement.

    The Ku Klux Klan is not a political party. So, though the modern KKK does support fascist and neo-Nazi ideology, it is not a Fascist or Nazi Party.

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    In my state, Washington, there are two different groups who run as a communist party. In other states there

    are as well. Colorado, California, and New York come to mind.

    Former SSgt.

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