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What does it mean if I've had multiple sightings and mentions of dead birds in the past week?

The first was a dead, flattened, newly hatched chick I found on the ground in the rain, it was a gruesome image. The next day my grandma says most of her chickens heads were ripped off by something (a mink probably), and she had to sell the rest of them. Then a few days later our neighbor mentions she found a dead barn swallow in her yard (she has a lot of barn swallows living on her property) and that they've been hurting themselves a lot recently. Then the next day (yesterday) she gives me and my mom an injured female barn swallow. We usually raise and release birds. The bird obviously had brain damage from a wound on her head. She was very weak and took no interest in eating. She preferred human contact to being in the cage. She either wanted to stay in my hand or on my chest/shoulder, or she would try to chase the sunlight coming in through the blinds. Today I found her dead in the cage.

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  • 1 year ago

    Bad luck I guess.. sorry to hear about it thogh, I have a deep compassion for animals and hate to see them dead.

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