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Ramadan-dont u agree with this? it's what I write for one of Abdulmaliks question before it got deleted?

In a marriage a husband and wife should both work and help out with the cost of running a household, they should both equally help with the cooking, cleaning, looking after the kids etc.

I also think both husband and wife should sit down together and make any decisions in the household both giving their views, opinions etc and come to a fair decision in the end weighting up the negative and positives.

In a marriage if the women wants to have sex she can but if she doesn't feel like it she shouldn't be forced and it's the same with men too. But I think that married couples both should try and have sex at least once a week and make the effort to do so - I know that marriages can be busy and exhausting and for a lot of couples weeks go by and they don't have sex.

Know one should be forced to have sex - it's rape and women are not meat to look ''nice'' for their husbands sexually and the same goes for men too. If women have to look good ''sexually'' for their husband - then so does men too for their wife.

If everything is equal in a marriage it makes things easier and fairer.

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    It’s not up to you or anyone else what choices people make within their marriage. Couples should do what makes them happy. One thing you should know is that most Muslims aren’t happy in their marriage. They only marry to please their parents. Divorce rates are now high among Muslims, even the religious ones. The religious ones are boring.

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    You might as well tell men to wear their women's vaginas as well. Clearly your heart is in the right place but you do not understand the complexities of relationships. If you think equality is going to get you in bed with a woman then you are naive or have never been in a relationship. Men who espouse equality are often friend-zoned by women or used as utility to serve their domestic needs. The lack of polarity in the relationship kills sexual desire. This is why many women complain that their men are perfect but they don't feel in love with them. It is also why many 'good' men complain that their wives cheated on them with a masculine man.

    If you want to adopt equality then don't complain about the lack of sex and the lack of passion in the relationship.

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    As per Islam:

    The husband is in charge of all the expenses of the house, as he is the leader of the household as Allah says in the Noble Quran in verse 4:34 and other parts. That means if the wife earns money, then it is her own money, and it doesn't need to be used for the house expenses or the family expenses, as that is the responsibility Allah gave to the husband.

    Likewise, the chores of the household are generally split between the husband and wife according to their ability, they can split them how they like, but generally the wife spends more time with the children, cooking, cleaning, etc while the husband is out working and earning the money to pay the expenses. If the husband volunteers to do the other chores that are enjoined on the wife, then that would be a good deed for him as the Prophet (s) used to do this for his wives.

    Regarding decision making, Allah orders wives to obey their husbands in verse 4:34. Obedience to a husband is a good deed, and the Islamic scholars state that if the husband is neglecting her rights but she still obeys him in matters he is not ordering her to disobey Allah, then this is one of the best deeds in Islam for which Allah rewards immensely. Prophet Muhammad (s) also mentioned that the woman who fasts Ramadan, prays her 5 daily prayers, guards her chastity, and obeys her husband will be able to enter Jannah from any of its gates (and there are only a few ways to earn this type of reward).

    So, it is fine if the wife gives her opinions in matters and it is encouraged the husband listens to these opinions and considers them, but in the end, the final decision is his and the decision he makes, the wife has to obey so long as the decision does not contradict orders from Allah such as him ordering you to do evil for example.

    Regarding women who deny their husband the relations of the bed without good reason (i.e. not feeling like it), Allah's Messenger (s) mentioned the angels will curse her (and the angels do not act except by Allah's command), so this is a sin in Islam and not allowed.

    Lastly regarding your last statement, Allah mentions in the Noble Quran men and women are not equal (and that is simply the reality of it), Allah has given men an advance in authority and strength over women as mentioned in the Noble Quran. Hence, we have equity in Islam where certain responsibilities are given to each of the sexes that are best suited for them.

    For example men are ordered to fight jihad, something women are exempted from. Allah's Messenger (s) ordered only men can be political leaders (i.e. imam, caliph, governor, etc), and that is because the leader needs to have experience in jihad, make orders that sometimes require harshness, etc all things better suited for men, and women are not expected to bear the burdens of these things for example.

    So we have equity in Islam, not equality, the male and female sexes are different not the same not equal not in any regard no where on Earth.

    So the points above are where I disagree with your statements, if you are Muslim, I shall warn you now to refrain from interpreting Islam on whims/desires western feminism ideals, etc that have nothing to do with Islam. The ONLY ones allowed to interpret Islam, are the Islamic scholars who have trained to do so, that means, it doesn't matter what you "think" should be done, since Allah mentions in the Quran you may like a thing that is bad and dislike a thing that is good.

    wa salam.

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    I agree with everything you just said

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    Ramadam Ramitallin

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