How many moles of ions are present?

How many moles of ions are present in 30 cm3 of 0.025 mol dm–3 barium hydroxide solution, Ba(OH)2(aq)?

A 0.00075

B 0.00150

C 0.00225

D 0.00450

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  • 1 year ago
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    Ba(OH)2 is a strong base, so:

    Ba(OH)2 → Ba{2+} + 2 OH{-} [three ions total]

    (0.030 L) x (0.025 mol/L Ba(OH)2) x (3 mol ions / 1 mol Ba(OH)2) = 0.00225 mol

    So answer C 0.00225

    • David1 year agoReport

      AHHH I thought it was asking OH- not moles of ions which would be 3, my mistake

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