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How to reincarnate into great circumstances b/c I want to experience a life of wealth and power?

I don't need to be born to rich parents, but I want to be born into a life plan where I become a tremendously successful biz man / entrepreneur who makes a lot of money and has a lot of social success.

If you look at every time period in history of human development, a lot of the entrepreneurs were born at the right period of time with the right personality to enjoy a "market" where they had an edge over others. Read the Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell if you don't believe me. Basically, I want to be the next Steve Jobs, Jamie Dimon, or some other widely successful guy. I want to experience wealth and power.

Is there anything I can do in this life to help with that? Would helping people out build good karma for me? Or is good karma actually needed at all to make those things happen? What else could I be doing to in this life, to increase my chances of a life like that in my next life?

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    Think about INSTANT karma.

    "Whenever I do a favor for a person, I always expect something in return - the sight of that person smiling."

    - Dale Carnegie

    Freeing yourself from fear and greed is good karma. Enjoy it in this life.

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      Steve Jobs had a dream - the world we are living in today, a world in which nearly everyone can own a computer.

      The idea that accumulating wealth and power is an end unto itself is like the idea that a writer's goal is collecting pencils.

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