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Cockatiel and eggs laying. To encourage her to stop laying eggs, should i move her into a a different cage at night?

She laid her second egg this morning. She has no mate and I worry constantly about her laying eggs. She is only interested going to the bottom of her cage when its dark and she receives MORE than ten hours of darkness to discourage her of laying eggs but it isnt helping this time. I have not removed her eggs this time around and interested in them at night. I tried changing things up in her cage to no avail. i wondered if putting her into a night cage away from her eggs will cool her out?


I also dont want to stress her out too much as egg laying time is stressful enough, but i just want her to stop laying eggs

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  • 1 year ago

    just take them out. It's natural.

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  • 1 year ago

    i would just let her lay eggs, you can always sell the birds later if you get too rnany

    • ckngbbbls
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      1 year agoReport

      and if this bird has no mate, how do you think she got bred in order to lay fertilized eggs???? did you skip a few biology classes in school? Birds of any kind do not need to be bred to lay eggs.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    What? No, it will make no difference.

    Have you tried asking someone who raises and sells birds? I have cockatiels. I bought a fake egg. She stopped laying eggs and sits on the fake.

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    • Stephanie1 year agoReport

      Now if adding additional fake eggs to trick her that she has laid a whole clutch already, I would maybe try that method. But I havent found anybody ever saying that idea is fine. I only worry for her health and always scared of egg-binding and some sort of other health problems.

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