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atheists and Christians, how can people in 2019 deny evolution?

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    We all know micro evolution is true, I mean just look at the flu virus every year. But where’s the proof of a species evolving into another?

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    • You don't understand what speciation is. Small changes over time build up to a descendant no longer able to breed with the species of its ancestors. This already known to occur, for example, a cheetah is so different than a lion it can no longer produce offspring with it, but a lion and a tiger can.

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    I don’t deny it, I’m a Christian but I still Believe to a large extent in evolution

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    What is evolution? Look at all the known domesticated animals. How many of them have changed in 10 to 20,000 years? NONE. In 10 to 20,000 years of family, kingdom and corporate breeding, they have refined selection to produce prize wool producing sheep, cows that can give huge amounts of milk, and even cotton that grew in multi colors, like Neapolitan ice cream. But they are still sheep, cows and cotton. The archaeology, the ancient bone history of life, shows that new species show up suddenly and expand rapidly. Even Darwin's studies showed variations within species. No new species. Now science can cross DNA and genes to create chimera. Perhaps nature has been doing this with the permission of humans or governments. The nerve of those hybrids, actually reproducing. Humbug. As for dogs evolving, not sure what that's supposed to be about. You breed tiny, you breed huge, long hair, short hair, still a dog. However, some dogs are not all dog. They have a little fox, they have a little dingo, or something else.

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      Perhaps nature has been doing this with the permission of humans or governments SHOULD BE: PERHAPS NATURE HAS BEEN DOING THIS WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF HUMANS OR GOVERNMENTS. I find thiese typos all the time even after proofreading, it's the web ai that has a problem with topics.

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    "Many believers admit that nothing could change their mind about their religious beliefs, which means they are no longer seekers of truth and have become, in essence, mindless religious robots. Religion consistently and effectively discourages introspection and inquiry. That isn't by accident."-- Bob Peters

    That's how.

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    God created is ising some form of evolution.

  • They're trained to deny reality. That's what Christianity and Islam do. They deny what's there then claim there's something invisible there. All on faith.

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    Because the idea of Darwinism is ignorant with no evidence. And have to make stuff up for Darwinism like Piltdown Man. Now stop asking about that crap here this is religion

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      The stupid, it burns.

  • As Little Cub illustrates, creationists are so ignorant, they actually think speciation occurred in one giant leap according to the theory.

    All you have to do is look at the history of the dog to understand how evolution works. While it's true humans had a hand in it, we are quite close to having made separate species out of a single one.

    • We've observed evolution on a small scale, yes, because that's the frequency of its occurrence. We use the fossil record and genetics to predict and falsify hypothesis. If you cared at all about the truth you'd know evolution is one of the most predicable and reliable models of reality.

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    because its a myth

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    I don’t actually know any who do, regardless of their spirituality.

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