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To the much younger women who date men old much older than your father or even the age of your grandfather, do you do it for the money?

I am NOT talking about a 10 or 15 year age difference. I am talking about young women in their late teens and early 20s that are considered extremely good looking dating men who are in their mid 50's and above.

Would you date these men if they didn't have money? Can you really love them if they ran out of money?

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    It often is not about the money. Some women need a father-figure, some want a baby so badly that they seek a guy who already has children, some are afraid of guys without experience in the sack or assume that experienced guys are always better

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    I often wonder about this. I just turned 60, and on the dating sites I am on, many women in their 20's, and 30's "flirt" with me. Some even in their late teens (18, or 19) do it. I have often wondered why? It is not like I would ever date a woman that young! Even the early 40's is pushing it for me. I am not a particularly rich person, so, I cannot imagine they are doing it for money. Many say that younger men act badly, e.g., no manners, and things like that. Perhaps some younger women think they will be treated better by us older men.

    • see what happens if you tell these younger ladies you don't have a lot of money lol. let's test out this theory

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    A girl in my school got married to one of our teachers in his 50's. As soon as she turned 18. After he had a brief stint in prison of course on account of paedophilia charges.

    Point is, is he was one ugly dude and he definately didn't have money doing that job in thst school.

    Must be love. They have a kid now.....

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