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If you believe abortions are wrong, is it based on the fact that you are christian or your religious beliefs?

I hear all the time that abortions are wrong because it is murder. Well, we murder cows, pigs, etc. every day so we can eat them and survive. But they are animals you say, and humans are different you say because based on your upbringing, you were taught that god made animals for humans to use and eat and therefore humans are made in god's image and we shouldn't kill them. I suppose based upon this thinking, you would be correct. But what if there is no god or what if our understanding of what a god is is actually incorrect? Then what? Wouldn't all life be equal?

My point is that life is actually equal and we kill all sorts of animals and plants for our survival because WE are also animals. If a mother bear undergoes a difficult winter with no food, she will kill her offspring to survive because one day, she can produce more offspring potentially so the life of the mother is more important than the life of her offspring to pass along her DNA for survival.

Humans are the same. If a pregnant human mother cannot sustain the life of her unborn child, then to abort it could help the mother get into a better financial situation to have other potentially viable offspring.

This isn't about right or wrong as you would think, it is about best survival of potential DNA.

Comment below if you think i am right or if you think i am wrong. please be respectful as possible as i know this is a difficult topic. please no cursing or name calling i will just report it. Thanks

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  • Foofa
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    6 months ago

    You're making a lot of assumptions (about this pro-choice vegetarian).

    • justjeans7776 months agoReport

      So, with the fact that we can govern ourselves and make decisions for ourselves as a species that are logical then i think we can trust ourselves to make life/death decisions. Women are going to abort one way or another, so don't think also that society is going to get a choice in the matter anyway

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    There is a difference in killing for survival and killing for convenience. It would be equally as bad to kill an animal just for the heck of it or because it inconvenienced you. Abortions are generally for convenience where if prevention occurred there would be few abortions to talk about. It pays to be more responsible where you are not ever in a position of making a decision to abort. I am an atheist, but it is disturbing how many on the left don't seem to have a conscience when it comes to destroying a potential life for their convenience. It's liking killing your neighbors dog and saying it's just a dog, what's the big deal. It is a huge deal.

    • SBR32277
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      I should add that I was a registered Democrat who voted for Obama his first term in hopes that he would have been what Trump turned out to be. It was between Obama and Trump that sort of opened my eyes to what was really going on in this country.

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    I happen to be one of those who thinks abortion is murder. I also happen to be pretty religious, so, there may well be a link between those two. Science is actually pretty week on what life is, and, cannot say when it begins. However, religion can, and most of us have that a human life begins with conception, or near there. I.e., very early. While we do kill animals for food, most of us consider killing humans (other than in war) to be murder. So, ending the existence of a zygote is murder because it kills a "person."

    There are Christians who believe in abortion, for all sorts of reasons. In fact, there are many of them. I think the majority of Christians oppose abortion though.

    If you think that killing a fetus can be justified, e.g., because the mother (or both parents) cannot afford to raise a child, what about after the child is born? Or 6, or 12? Where do you draw the line? I draw it at conception - based on my ideas of when life begins. And, not, science cannot prove me wrong, even though I am very accepting of science (e.g., Evolution, and the Big Bang).

    • justjeans7776 months agoReport

      but have no interest in sustaining the life after it is born. funny how that works

  • 6 months ago

    I would believe murder is wrong even if I was not a Christian, but the Bible does make it clear that the unborn are human babies (Lk 1:44) and baby-killing is obviously murder.

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  • If conservatives want to make abortion illegal, then they need to make it required by the state to help raise your child. Otherwise what incentive do you have to give a sh*t about a child you didn't want?

    It's been statistically shown that places where abortion is illegal leads to more crime because of children being brought up in homes without the love they required because parents were forced to have them.

    • justjeans7776 months agoReport

      potential children, then they would see the rates of crime increase, also their taxes would go up significantly but again, because of their religious backgrounds, they are unable to think practically and logically on the issue.

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