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A feeling from a dream that became a real part of my mental health. Is it a thing that happens?

I had a dream a while back of me standing in an empty black void,naked. Eventually black sludge started pouring over me as I looked at myself,like an out of body experience. Weeks later,if I sit down long enough and tried to unwind or just relax,I would get that feeling. Like something heavy and thick was being poured onto me. I can hear the same noises of it from the dream some times. I realized,that it happens when I m overwhelmed,or just when I need a break. Sometimes it is accompanied by faint,inaudible whispering of a room full of people. It feels like I m sinking,and if I don t keep moving or get up and do something,I feel like I m going to drown. I have trouble sleeping because I get the same feeling when I lay down. I have been having to take medicine to put me to sleep because the feeling of it makes me feel like I m being crushed against the bed. I don t know what it is or if it is even a thing. Is it?

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  • 1 year ago

    Go and see your doctor.

    Ask him and if he thinks it alright,

    he can send you to get help with a psychologist.

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