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How did you feel when you first went travelling?

I am 18, live in London and I have £5,000 in savings. I would love to do a bit of travelling this summer. Maybe go to Spain for a week or two and to Portugal or Turkey maybe.

I’ve been suffering from mild depression the last few years but I’m a bit better now. I don’t have a lot of confidence and I’ve never travelled abroad by myself before or even gone abroad with my family. When I think about stepping on a plane to a foreign country I get so scared. What if I get lost? What if I can’t communicate with anyone? What if I get hurt?

I would really love to travel but I don’t know how to go about booking tickets, Holidays, taxis to the hotel and where all the museums and historical sites would be.

Does anyone here travel regularly?

What advice would you give me?

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  • Jon
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    6 months ago
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    You do not state how much experience you have of travel within the UK. By the time I first went abroad by myself, I was already accustomed to getting around here, and had experience of things like using timetables and maps to plan journeys, getting around by train and bus and staying at YHA hostels. I suspect planning trips abroad without that experience of domestic travel might be a bit daunting, but plentry of people do it.

    If you have never gone anywhere much by yourself, consider a long trip within the UK first, where you have fewer unfamiliar things to deal with all at once. As a Londoner, you would find Scottish islands like the Orkneys or Outer Hebrides very different from your home environment, but still have everything available in English and have the NHS there if needed. Or prehaps visit Ireland, which is going abroad but without the language barrier. With that experience behind you, then you plan for going to Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona the next year.

    Re "taxis to hotels", probably not on an 18 year old's budget. I very rarely use a taxi, and I earn a good salary.

    Obviously you could fly to Spain or Portugal, but I use rail and sea for that sort of journey. It 's a lot more interesting, and better for the environment.

    "What if I get lost?" That is much the same at home or abroad - develop some map-reading skills here and they will transfer to doing the same elsewhere.

    • bluebellbkk
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      This is truly excellent advice,and deserves the full five stars rather than only four.

  • Toruko
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    5 months ago

    My first travel was by hand after birth to a blanket spread

    under a large cottonwood tree in full summer green leaf.

    That's my first memory still in recall. Looking at beauty.

  • 6 months ago

    If you're going to tourist destinations within Europe, many people will speak English, so communication is unlikely to be a significant issue. Ensure you have a phone with maps, and you'll be able to get around easily. Get an EHIC card and travel insurance to cover everything else.

    You can either use a travel agency to book everything for you, or you can book it yourself - look on SkyScanner for flights, and there are a lot of accommodation options (hotel sites, AirBNB etc)

    Get a guide book to plan what you want to see/do there.

  • 6 months ago

    Suggest you use a travel agent or go with a group like a bus tour for your first adventure.

    You are not required to do it all yourself and never were.

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  • John
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    6 months ago

    I don't remember. The first time (of many) that I moved I was 2. Best advice is that once you get past language and scenery, other places aren't as different as you think they are. The way to gain confidence is to be confident. Walk through the fire, which doesn't mean to be foolish. It gets easier every time.

  • Cara
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    6 months ago

    Why don't you go with a friend, or join a group?

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