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What are your chances of getting Lyme disease if you frequently go hiking?

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    If you avoid long grasses and areas where ticks usually hide (like sticking to trails) and dress appropriately (long pants, closed toed shoes), you should be able to avoid most ticks. Also remember, not every tick carries Lyme disease and not every bite by an infected tick leads to Lyme disease though if you do get bit, it's best to see a doctor ASAP.

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    In NC and SC we have the ticks but very seldom do I hear of anyone with Lyme Disease.

    I am sure there are cases of it but I don't hear about.

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    Shame you did not mention the state.

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    It depends on where you go hiking, and how careful you are for looking for ticks in the process. Deer tick and Lyme disease are huge problems in much of Pennsylvania and no so much in other places. I would say that if you are careful, the odds are with you for NOT getting Lyme disease. But it is a nasty thing to get, so being very careful is the way ti go.

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    i would ask your doctor how to prevent it

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    That depends entirely on the area. Some areas don't have ticks, others have ticks that don't carry Lymes disease, and still others have ticks ALL of which carry it. So again, it depends on the area and what precautions you use, if any.

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