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what is theory ladenness of perception?

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    Let's hear.

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    That which Husserl found a way past, but, unrealized by many, led philosophers Norwood Hanson ("Patterns of Discovery") and Thomas Kuhn ("The Structure of Scientific Revolutions") to treat. Husserl had earlier solved the problem ("The Crisis of European Science and Transcendental Phenomenology"), but found that ironically many, including in academia, simply or even superficially routinized the phenomenological method into what Hanson later identified as "theory ladenness" (aka "same o, same o") (Those students of Husserl who did ascend a degree, e.g. Eugen Fink and Edith Stein, affirmed self-awareness of a new (one may say, Platonic Noesis) and continuing realization (cf A. H. Almaas' "Runaway Realization" and Mihaly C's "Flow")).

    Another way of perceiving this dual development (Husserl finding a way past so-called Galilean scientism, and then Hanson and Kuhn rediscovering the "crisis") is to realize the fundamental change in logic of systems given by Kurt Godel and Von Neumann (as Incompleteness problem of a laden schema not accounting for e.g. Kuhnian-Einsteinian modification of Newtonian orbitals' finer data "anomalies").

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    Why ask psychology questions in philosophy?

  • Theory ladenness is the affect which theories held in mind cause that colour a person’s judgment in assessing an observation.

    Perhaps an example is the way a person’s background shapes what they see of the things they see. If you live in a culture you might be influenced to weave anomalies into established norms.

    We are affected by what we learn in school and how we are taught. There is a filter through which we are understanding the world and that filter may be false.

    But we are fixed in our way by culture and unable to see another way. Another way which may be necessary to progress in science.

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