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Can I ask my doctor for privacy when they ask about sexual activity?

I’m 17 and will be going to the doctor tomorrow for my physical. My mom always comes in with me and I know they will ask the “are you currently sexually active.” I want to be honest with my doctor and tell them yes but if I tell them the true answer while my mom is in the room she will freak. I could ask for privacy when they ask the question but then I’ll have to answer the questions once I’m in the car with my Mom. What should I do?

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  • Roddy
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    4 months ago

    Of course. You have been entitled to privacy during any medical examination or procedure since your teens started. Certainly at 17 your parents should not be in the room whilst you are being examined or asking/answering medical questions.

    Your parents don't need to be told of anything that has been said and, indeed, shouldn't be told unless you have a communicable and reportable disease - when they must be told until you are 18.

    Before entering the consulting room, just firmly tell your mother to wait outside. Afterwards, if she asks you anything about the visit you don't need to answer as it is nothing of her business at your age.

  • I think I'm too late - but you should tell your mother before going to the doctor that you think it's time you get used to going into the exam room by yourself. You are almost an adult and you want to start acting like one.

    You might want to look into your state laws regarding patient confidentiality for children/teens (laws are different) and then also check with your doctor to make sure anything you discuss will remain confidential.

  • 5 months ago

    You should ask for privacy before you go into the examining room, before he asks that

    question. Then it wouldn't be as suspicious.

    Unless you have a specific question about stds, or something else, I don't

    think you need to tell the doctor. The doctor may feel obligated to tell your Mom

    because you are not yet over 18.

  • Mic
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    5 months ago

    Tell your mom to wait outside! Your a Big girl, face it. Bty, get blood work, std's and pregnacy tests done too!

    If you really want mommy , then be up front with her!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    like YOUR MOM THEN won't suspect anything ????

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