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They have closed down the Las Vegas Blvd Library between Washington and Bonanza which used to be full of homeless people since it was only?

a 12 minute uphill walk from the homeless shelter. Where do the homeless go for Wifi, a place to charge their phone and sit indoors. Now that that library at 833 North Las Vegas Blvd is shut down.

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    They go home. They’re not really homeless. They just pretend to be homeless so that people will give them money to buy alcohol. Have you seen the price of alcohol. Only the very rich can afford it.

  • 5 months ago

    And what’s you question? Libraries are not recreational areas for homeless, homeless don’t work and don’t contribute with taxes so they should not be trashing taxpayers services. I hate to see people not being able to take their kids to the park or the library because is infected with homeless.

    • Carol5 months agoReport

      Internet and AC is a privilege, not a need. If they want such they should work and pay for it like everyone else.

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