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Why is AEW being so hyped up?

I mean come on! the WWE is a global giant and AEW is a glorified Indy show with a past his prime Jericho at the top of the card, Cody Rhodes who isn't as big a star as he thinks he is and only 1 legitimate main event calibre star in Ambrose/Moxley (only just note worthy of being a draw) which simply just isn't enough star power lol let's just put it this way TNA had ALOT more going for if about 13 years ago, they had Sting, Angle, Booker T, AJ Styles, Christian, (ALOT stronger of a roster) and still failed lol im not doubting AEW might be able to be entertaining but they are gonna need to do A LOT more then just one show.. I honestly hope it is a 2.0 of the Monday night wars but saying and acting like it is already is a joke.. Pro wrestling as a whole isn't popular at the moment to have a takeover like what happened during the attitude era and WWE is the only brand well enough to really leave it's mark globally

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    While I don't fully buy into the AEW hype before it's, you know, national television launch, there are a few things that they do have that one up previous companies:

    1. They have a built in following that's grossed a good PPV turn out (not as good as WWE's grant you, but up there with some of it's stiffer competition) and filled 13,000+ seats of paying customers. TNA doesn't have that. ROH doesn't have that. Lucha Underground, MLW, name an indie with a television show and I can tell you that they do not have in such a lucrative or plentiful fan base.

    2. They've got a backer whose richer than Vince and willing to invest in the company. That is a big deal.

    3. They have national television distribution with a major cable network. Plain and simple, if you have basic cable in America you'll be able to watch their programming. Again, nobody but the WWE has that in the U.S.

    4. They've got a more lucrative and inclusive business M.O. Not only do they plan to cater to differently abled fans at live events, but they've also added incentives to working for them like creative control, including scheduling and the ability to work elsewhere if you'd like, and (potentially) health insurance. These contracts have been lucrative enough to draw Jericho away for what he himself has said is the biggest and best contract he's ever received. Considering he worked in WCW during the ATM Eric days, not to mention WWE, that's a big deal.

    5. WWE talents are actively attempting to get out of their contracts to get to AEW. Again, hasn't happened since WCW.

    6. WWE is in a ratings tailspin at the moment. They could pull out if they completely restructured how they do procedural wrestling television, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards. Tack on the fact that Vince will probably have his hands full with XFL, and this could be the WWE at it's most vulnerable since the mid-90's.

    7. Without having more than two shows, AEW's already working on having a global footprint outside of America and has already created working agreements with a handful of promotions.

    I'm not proclaiming domination of the McMahon's, and honestly neither is AEW, but there's clearly an interesting change in the tide of how things have been for the past 19 odd years with AEW now in the picture. It may not be the great WWE killer, but it's definitely a business changer.

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    aew has all the tools for success. people want to see a wrestling war....wwe has been the only game in town for 20 years....the monday night wars was the most popular time in pro wrestling....look at the buyrates and ratings....i think in a few years aew will be right there as long as the dont repeat a lot of the mistakes other promotions did in the past since as relying too much on older stars, reinventing the wheel with some the storylines or stupid booking that turn off an ultimately lose fans....i cannot wait

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    WWE is the global empire, not AEW.

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    WWE is the biggest game in town, and, as such, will always attract a fair amount of hate from fans (or former fans) who dislike the direction in which the brand is going. Any brand that pops up to challenge the reigning champion will instantly attract these fans purely through the potential of the unknown. Noone knows for sure that AEW is going to be any good, but a lot of people are hopeful.

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    Wwe is swirling the toilet. All the TV time goes to Shane and Lars the racist Sullivan. Sasha Banks, Luke Harper, The Revival, The Club, Ec3 all want to leave and many many more. Plus vkm is a racist trump supporter. Nuff said

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