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In Israel, why do many Orthodox Jews refuse to join the Israeli army?

They end up going to jail instead

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    Many of the most extreme sects of Orthodox Jews (mainly Haredis) within Israel refuse to work for ANY employers, not just military ones.

    They absolutely will not work on their Sabbath, and military personnel don’t get that choice as defence must be 24/7/365. They also believe that their “job” is to devote their time to studying religious scriptures.

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    The Asker appears to be referring to the Ultra Orthodox, who currently have an exception.

    I understand that the primary concern of the Ultra Orthodox about military service is the non / anti Torah exposure to which they / their students will be exposed while receiving the military training. A compromise needs to be made. They should accept military training to help defend the country, but perhaps this military training should be carried out within the Ultra Orthodox community at training areas reserved for them. Surely special arrangements ought to be made so they receive a satisfactory standard of military training while respecting their religious concerns.

    The Ultra Orthodox will also be concerned about the religious prohibition against work on the Sabbath and Festivals. All that is required is a little flexibility regarding when military training is to be done. The Sabbath, Festivals, and additional any special Ultra Orthodox days, can be avoided. But, it is religiously permitted to defend Israel on the Sabbath / Festivals:

    Having received training, if then, at some stage, they need to be called-up to defend the country, they would be capable and ought to be willing, to do so, just as was required in Biblical times in for example the times of Moses or later Joshua.

    I hope this helps.


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    All Jews look ,sound and smell super weird (at least those who payed to approach me). I met some girlfriends of mine who refuse to let the Jew come near them.

    They have learned how to spot them from 100 metres away.

    So these Orthopedic Jews are no different to us.

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    because these lunatics spend all their free time studying the Torah. their wives often have to work to support the parasites.

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    Because a bunch of them does not beleive in the Zionists cause, they know and they believe that once they declare it, it will be a matter of time before it disappears, again.

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    As things stand, they are exempt from being drafted into the military so that they can carry out their orthodox lifestyle, but a proposed bill could be about to change that, and the Haredim are not happy.

    The U.S. also has "Religious" conscientious objectors

    In time of war they are usually imprisoned or forced into the medical corps. (re: Ali, aka Cassius Marcellus Clay)

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    To make a Political message, probably.

    I don’t know the situation there, but whenever people are draft dodging it’s usually political.

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    They feel that their religious beliefs preclude their participation in the military, and they typically do NOT go to jail for it. The current government allows them to avoid military service.

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    I do not know if that is true but in todays world of jets and missiles and drones an army is not defence its to police when police should be enough

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