question abt photography work?

Assuming we are talking about an 8-bit RGB image (captured and converted to 8 bits on the fly from Camera Raw to PSCS), how many MB will this image be in PSCS viewing it in RGB mode? How about a 16-bit RGB image (captured and not converted to 8 bits on the fly from Camera Raw to PSCS)?

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  • qrk
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    1 year ago
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    Not sure what PSCS is, probably Photoshop is my guess. Assuming you are wanting to know how much memory is required for an uncompressed image, 3-words (3-bytes) per pixel multiplied by the number of pixels = total memory required. Each color is one byte which is why an RGB image uses 3-bytes per pixel.

    Thus, 3-bytes times 5616 pixels times 3744 pixels will give you around 63 MB of memory space required.

    When you talk about 8-bit RGB, it really means 8-bits per color which is 24-bits for the total RGB palette. I'll let you work out the arithmetic for 16-bit RGB.

    8-bits = 1 Byte.

    This bits per color is confusing since some people talk about total bits for the RGB palette and some talk about bits per color which means you multiply the number of bits times 3 for the total RGB palette.

  • Sumi
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    Cannot be determined because as you're saving it as a JPEG, the image must be compressed. Each level of compression will produce a different sized file.

    But assuming that there isn't any compression, what you would do is:

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    Do your own homework!

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