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what is the overall difference of healing process between humans?

what is the difference in healing process? do we have any data or research ?

i'm 21 years old (male), and my sister is 27.

iv'e noticed that my sister bear pain in a very different way and the healing process is very slow.

for example while my sister was working she injured the ankle, not in a serious way since there is not any sign or ankle swelling, but after a week its still paining. or when she gets flu or have any kind of pain it take alot of time to get well. in my case its very hard to get injured in this way, since i got a lot more injuries with no overall damage and pain with very quick recovery.

i rarely get flu, and even tho i get well very quickly. and never had any kind of pain as my body is always well and perfect. and i can handle fatigue much better. for example if i work all day(lifting) i feel tired as every human would after 7/8 hours but i just need very little rest to restore myself and be perfectly fine as nothing happen , but it doesn't work in same way for my sister. even tho her work is easier the mine she shows the sign of stress and fatigue, i can see her being tired with paining feet and knees. so my question can there be this much difference like her being tired and feeling the stress after work or being weak? im curious because most of the time i don't understand her situation since iv'e never had sign of fatigue and stress as she has.

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    Iron levels, immunity, genetics.

    Lots of things can make a difference.

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