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Can you back out of DEP?

if you went to meps, signed the contract, and swore in the first time can you back out of the dep before basic training?

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    1 year ago
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    If AD then yes you can get out up until the day you leave. If you decide to, you need to let them know ASAP so your spot can be filled. They will also be pissed so expect some flack. If you decide later on to join again you will hit a lot of road blocks and can be denied.

  • ?
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    1 year ago

    If you signed a DEP contract and swore into DEP, which is a special section of the reserve component, you can write your recruiter that you want to drop DEP or just not show up for ship day.

  • Bill-M
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    1 year ago

    NO. Not if you have taken the oath.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    You sure can. I did and never showed up. The only time I showed up was for my recruiter to take me to boot camp. You won't get in trouble.

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