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do you think Asia Argento and rose mcgowan are full of shyt?


I unserstand Harvey wienstien is a total monster. i have met him and always found him lo wa d vulgar and im fairly certain he is inbred. When another movie producer Gary barber introduced us in 2010 I wouldn't even shake his hand. but these two women just seem like its all about fame and publicity. Rose the ugly one seems to think she's the head of this world changing movement, but they seem almost as sick and immoral aa he his. the prettier one did the same thing to a 17 yr old boy.

Update 2:

will she go to jail?

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    Both of them are freaks in their own right and I don't see how either one of them is attractive even slightly. Regardless of that, it's not rare for these kind of victim movements to be led by people that are guilty of the very thing they are championing against.

    Also, she will not go to jail. Her victim decided to sue her instead of filing charges probably because he is not actually a victim as much as someone she had sex with that was a minor. The fact that he decided to go for the payday instead of justice should tell you something about his actual consent.

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    Yes. They are a bunch of sluuts

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Yes I definitely do

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    5 months ago

    Rodger that, Elliot.

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