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What do whites get out of diversity and multiculturalism besides being bred into extinction?

The asian and African immigrants who move to west in large numbers today keep THEIR asian and African countries demography, identity and culture intact.

Developed asian countries like Japan, Korea have low birthrates too. But they do not commit further demographic suicide by populating it with alien cultures. They still manage to take part in globalization without destroying their ethnic majority. They do have issues. But it is the end of the world.

Even countries like Sweden had replacement level birthrates until 20 years ago. But still it became multicultural islamic hellhole.

So, it is not just the birthrate that is the problem here. There is something more going on.


They do have issues. But it is the *not* end of the world for Japan and Korea.

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    6 months ago
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    Lots of new foods to eat.

    And a larger variety of exotic looking women to bang!

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago


    More rape


    Mass murder



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    Food. They get food. Most food in the U.S. is produced by foreigners.

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      You are unbelievably stupid.

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    6 months ago

    you know everyone else was previously oppressed by white people, right? we just want an end to that

    that's like if there were 2 families at a party: The family of Bob White and the family of Jim Brown, and there is cake. Bob white previously only allowed Jim Brown's family to have 2 small pieces of the cake, but the Brown family eventually complained about it and how unfair it is. Eventually, most of Bob White's family eventually agrees with Jim Brown's family and agree that everyone should have the same amount of cake. Bob White is now complaining about how the Brown family just wants to steal all the cake from the White family and how the White family is getting no benefit with this new equality thing

    @The N Word: You are a white supremacist and you are constantly just full of ѕhit

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      I'm pretty sure whites were oppressed first.

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