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Is it normal for FedEx to transfer something to a facility that's further away?

I'm waiting for a shipment and I've been tracking it with FedEx. I live in the Chicago metro (IL), and the shipment originated in Indianapolis, IN. But when I checked it this morning they had transferred it to a facility in Memphis. TN?

It looks planned since the expected delivery date hasn't changed but...

How does that make any sense?


* Memphis, TN

Update 2:

For reference, Indianapolis -> Chicago is a ~3 hr drive, Memphis -> Chicago is ~7.5 hr drive and Google automatically recommends flights for it. So wth FedEx?

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    Almost all FedEx packages go from the originator to their main hub in Memphis, then to the destination.

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    Memphis TN is their primary hub...tons go through Memphis.

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    Yes. Memphis is their main facility. Originally, everything went through there. I'm not sure if that's still true, but it's certainly still the hub for the central time zone.

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    All FEDEX Air packages go through Memphis even if the destination is nearby..

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    FedEx has always used Memphis as a parting point in its varied travels. Why ? Because Memphis has the most FAIR weather given its starting point.

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      Los Angeles has way more "fair" weather than Memphis, so that is not the reason all FedEx packages go through Memphis.

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