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Should I buy silver colored luggage?

I m going on vacation next month and since this is my first time on a plane i m not too sure about what colors to go with for the luggage. And recently I found a good deal on a silver luggage bag that I want but I have no idea on how common silver is anyone have any tips to help me spot it easier when i go retrieve it?

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    Buy any luggage that's durable. Mark your luggage with colored duck tape. They have many bright colors like pink and green. Wrap it all round your luggage, through the handle and pack the roll with you for the return trip.

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    Don't do it if it's fabric! It will look dirty and horrible after one use.

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    Silver is not a common luggage colour, the majority being black, some put a strap to identify their luggage from others, but to be honest it wouldn't be necessary for silver luggage.

    As mentioned durability and practicality are what you should be looking for, checked luggage can be handle roughly, so a soft bag is not advised, similarly you don't need an expensive hard case if you trips are going to be irregular.

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    The color doesn't matter in the least. Do what Marvinator suggests and do something that personally identifies your luggage. It may be green or pink duct tape. Or maybe you paint your first initial in a bright color on both sides of it. Whatever you decide to do -- just so long as you mark it as YOURS.

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    80% of luggage is black. Silver will be easier to spot than black. And you can always mark your luggage is some way, using duct tape, markers, paint, glitter glue, whatever works and won't come off easily. One thing you don't do is mark it with your name and address. A cell number is okay. And it will have a tag from the airline anyway. Check that before you walk away with it.

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