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Cockatiel Question?

Hi everyone !

I bought a cockatiel 5 days ago and I love him/her so much . I m not sure if it s a male or female so I named it Coco ❤️ everything is going great I already can snuggle it and a bond is forming . I was wondering if it would start to whistle soon . I play YouTube videos where cockatiels sing and also songs for training. Does it happen that females whistle too ? Thank you all !

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    Is your bird very young? That is the only way I can imagine it bonding so quickly. Cockatiels do form quite strong bonds, if you give them the attention.

    As to singing and whistling, they vary a lot. Males sing more than females on average, but both can sing, and it depends on the individual.

    I have to admit that, as affectionate as I have been with my cockatiels, I am not good at getting them to imitate sounds or words. Some people are.

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      Thank you so much for your answer 💞 he/she is about 4 months xx it was hand fed so maybe that help for the quick bonding?

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